The following insight is not undercover: Hardly any other genre has influenced the aesthetics of cinema as strongly in terms of image and motif as the agent thriller. Through the telescopic sights of its creators, the audience has experienced and continues to experience breathtaking film architectural backdrops, amazing props such as shooting ballpoint pens and actually gun-registered horsepower giants, highly attractive playmates of omnipotent scouts – and last but not least the often legendary film trailers and cinema posters of literally hardcore pop culture. Elements of agent classics have thus long since become icons of our everyday culture.

Ralf Schellen is a successful photographer who stages original visual worlds with high artistic standards. The cinematic universe that inspired his latest cycle of Fine Art Photography is unmistakable:
Schellen has created both striking and enigmatic motif thrillers that are committed to the genre of espionage film.

The Spy Art Edition comprises 24 individual motifs, each of them can of course also be purchased separately. In three sizes of your choice.

The artist Ralf Schellen has created his own, suggestive picture worlds on the inspirational basis of cinema aesthetics – an artistic game with illusion and reality, elegance and eroticism, glamour and girls, high-tech and action-hardness.

The overall visual composition of each picture creates an exciting scenario with many, even almost hidden, detail elements – and tells of imaginary worlds, worlds to dream about, worlds that are mysterious – not only because they are about (invisible) secret agents.

Each photographic shot is a purposeful bull’s eye for lovers of spy thrillers.

Top aesthetic, but not at all top secret: In the gallery on this homepage you can find all 24 motives of the Spy Art Edition. Without any secret code. Just click on it.

All works from this collection can be purchased through the “Gallery Heidefeld and Partner” (Krefeld).