Making of Spy Art

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Each "Spy Art" picture consists of 3 basic elements which were artistically put together by Ralf Schellen: 1. "Spy-Girl", 2. inspiration from spy films and 3. central themes from spy films. For each of these elements a separate image was chosen and incorporated into the overall composition. Using "023 Suspense and Revenge" as an example, this is 1. spy girl with pistol - here cool, uninvolved but still highly dangerous and deadly, although the pistol is hardly visible, 2. the building of the MI6 headquarters in London - here as a symbol for the agent genre par excellence (this picture was made especially for this edition) and 3. a top secret stamp - here in particular as an imprint on secret files (e.g. on documents of deserted agents) and stands for secret but also for danger and betrayal. All together all elements form a complete work, which was rounded off by the cinematic colouring and the 16x9 cinema format. Additional alienated elements leave room for your own imagination.