003 - Goldfever

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The chemical element with the atomic number 79 is in fact number 1 on the popularity scale - at least for investors who want to safeguard their cash with the crisis-proof protective cover of a precious metal. Money rules the world. Gold rules too. Whoever controls the gold market as a monopolist would have the power to unleash the world from the seams. This plot is picked up by screen spectacles. The magic metal plays a glamorous role in countless films and novels. Even an already legendary cinema classic bears the coin metal in its title. More is not revealed about this spy thriller. Because: "Silence is golden", as the Tremeloes sang storming the charts, at about the time when the cinema hit made a big splash. Ralf Schellen has gilded his motif, so to speak. We see a glittering wall of coins, against whose backdrop the Spy Girl presents herself in a cinematically arranged pose on an ounce (flawlessly free of any „love handles“). Her whole body is a shiny appearance - a real Gold Girl. Are we here in a hermetic strongroom, perhaps Fort Knox? The flanking vehicle tags also look posh, although the cinematic memory may come to mind that thriller-heroes were travelling in racy fancy sportcars whose tags were interchanged in an instant, so that the cars were on the road with a new vehicle identity. A lot of things are fake - and by no means all that glitters is gold.