002 - Secret Love

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Even during the Cold War, hot love affairs could take place behind the icy Iron Curtain. Famous spy thrillers stage the dangerous love story between secret agents from East and West. The attractive opponent from the other service changes sides and becomes the playmate of a screen hero - she goes with him through thick and thin and many action scenes. In short: Secret Love.

One of the secret weapons is certainly eroticism. This specific element, Photo artist Ralf Schellen symbolizes in his picture composition with the crackling liaison of naked skin and noble mink. Trains are popular locations in crime and spy films because they offer a fast-paced, yammering and isolated space for the plot. In this Spy Art motif, too, undercover agents seem to be on the move (... perhaps on the Orient Express, perhaps hunting for deciphering machines?). The silencer of the Spy Beauty refers to a deadly quiet game of intrigue; the wagon window, shattered in a stylised heart-shaped pattern, refers to the main theme: Secret Love. The composition's reduced colouring and soft-focus appearance quote the cinema style as celebrated in the early 1960s. Retro-look in action.